2016 | Agartha | Separated Land Series | Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA, USA

This is the third part of the series Separated Land. It is an exhibition that follows the major conceptual lines of the series despite gaining life and autonomizing on aspects related to the treatment of the canvas’ surface, the ink, the colour range, etc.

It is the least gestural and physical phase of all the series; throughout the process, the commitment and work practice were more based on pacient labour, almost monastical, of much reflection on the options and moments, in counterpoint with the works from Separated Land I and II in which the processual velocity is evident, the physical dedication to the material, the spontaneity of the colour stains.

As the name itself lets us foresee it is an arrival to another territory, as the canvas denounce; an inner place, more silent, longstanding and eternal. It is the quest for the minimum, the essential. The layers of the painting start to slowly form the shades and transparencies of a state of mind, more a tangible and habitable place. I did not wish to paint the velocity, turbulence and noise; my proposal and challenge was to stop time, build the silence, the most tranquil place to be reborn. 

Fernando Gaspar



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